Running the Server


Controlling the daemon

The permissions are set so only those users in the anonyuse group can run the Server. For security reasons only root or anonyuse can stop the service.
The simplest way to start the service is to type

anonysrv &

To stop the service type

killall -9 anonysrv

The anonygo script

To allow automatic control of the daemon, the anonygo script has been provided. The syntax is

anonygo start|stop|restart

This will only run if the user is root or in the anonyuse group. Again, only root or anonyuse can stop/restart the service. It can be run directly from a command line, or copied from /usr/bin/ to /etc/rc.d/init.d (you must do this as root). Once in that directory it is possible to start it up on particular run levels using standard configuration tools (eg SysVInit Editor). See the appropriate documentation for details.