Technical Information for AnonyNews



Each message is stored in a separate text file, with the filename based on the date/time. i.e. "YYYYMMDDHHMMSSnnnn" where nnnn is a four digit number to allow for more than one message arriving at the same time. These are assigned by the server at the time it saves the message.

The messages are stored in the "messages" subdirectory of /var/AnonyNews.

Message Format

These details must be taken care of by the Client when it creates the message.


The client always connects on port PORT_TO_USE (set in anonyboth.h). It must already have a route to the IP address of the server-i.e it will not dial up connections for you. When sending and receiving data, bear in mind that the software expects a "\n" character to delimit data.

To write a message to the Server

To Read a Message from the Server

To get a list of file headers from the server