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Title Primes
Operating Systems Windows 9x/NT, Linux
This program finds prime numbers below 214748368 (2G). It stores them in memory as it finds them, so can slow down even fast computers. The numbers are printed out in hexadecimal format to save on space, but even then the results file can be huge (I created one 200M big in one hour).
The program compiles under Windows and Linux, using Borland's bcc32 compiler and GNU's gcc respectively.
Just compile and run, the program will do the rest. It prints out one dot for every 100000 prime numbers found, but you might have to wait a long time until it is finished.
You can press Control-C to exit early if you want.
For those interested, it is slightly faster under Linux than Windows.(grin)
Version 1.0 primes.c(4k)
Requirements A C compiler.