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Title RC-Crypt
Operating Systems Linux, Solaris, HPUX etc
RC-Crypt keeps your data safe. It is an easy to use command line program that encrypts your data.
It works with big and little endian hardware, and has been tested on Linux, HPUX and Solaris.
It uses the rc5 algorithm, which has proved almost impossible to crack with key sizes of greater than 64 bits.
(See for details of how long it took thousands of computers worldwide to crack a 64 bit key when the initial content of the data was known.)
It has a multitude of options making it very suitable for inclusion into complex scripts.

Amazon have many useful books on Cryptography.

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Version 1.7 rccrypt_1.7.tar.gz(20k)
Version 1.6 rccrypt-1.6.tar.gz(20k)
Requirements glibc and a C compiler
Change Log
  • Apr 2006 Fixed bug that failed to take end of line characters into account in the keyfile
  • May 2005 Fixed race condition caused by changes to the way signals are sent in the new versions of Kernel or C Libraries in Linux. Also removed compiler warnings due to new versions of gcc.
  • 17th Feb 2004 Added security enhancements so command line options are not visible using "ps" or in "/proc". Added -v flag to show version number. Added -e flag to allow passing of key through an environment variable. The program now forks and does the encryption in a child process. The -w flag will make rccrypt wait for its child to end before returning. The default is to return immediately. Scripts using rccrypt will need modifying because of this.
  • 26th Aug 2003 Added large file support for Linux. Enhanced speed for little-endian architechtures. Added new option to allow each block to be xor-ed with previous block before encryption.
  • 24th Sept 2002: Minor bugfixes. Refactored the code. Stopped it printing out the padding bytes. Modified output file format ready for future upgrade.
  • 19th Sept 2002: Minor bugfixes, added big/little endian compatibility.
  • 14th Nov 2001: Added command line option to specify which file contains the key.
  • 2nd August 2001: Found that first release still had debug outut. Replaced tar file with correct version.
  • 25th July 2001: Initial release