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Title Rabid Rabbit
Operating Systems Linux
Rabid Rabbit is a game for one player. You play a rabbit which tries to rescue lost sheep from marauding creatures.
The action comes thick and fast, requiring good reactions. The gameplay is incredibly simple to pick up, and can be mastered in minutes. After that it requires a bit of skill to stay alive.
Installation is simple, and the source code is included if you want to try adding more levels.
  1. August 2003: Version 1.2. Modified code to work with wxWindows 2.4.1. Added help file that doesn't require Netscape to be loaded.
  2. 26th Nov 2001: Version 1.1. Added extra power level, enhanced gameplay on some levels
Version 1.2 rrabbit-1.2.tar.gz(29k)
Requirements The game was written using wxWidgets, a cross platform development tool. The run time libraries must be loaded first, and can be downloaded from
It runs to speed on an Intel Pentium 100 with 80M ram and a CS4356 1M Graphics card. Anything better should be fine.

Note that this could be compiled for Windows(R) since wxWindows is cross platform. I haven't had a chance to try it yet, but if you want to have a go, I'll put the binary on this site and give you the credit!