Welcome to Ricksoft

All the software on this site is Free. Please read the Disclaimer before downloading anything from this site.
Why Free? I have a paid job, and can therefore do this as a hobby.
I want people to use my software.
If you like the software, please consider making a donation for any amount.
What have we got? RSpell- Software libraries for spell checking in any language
Updated Feb 2003 TaskMan- A web based task tracking and sharing tool
Updated Apr 2006 RC-Crypt- A program to encrypt your data using the RC5 algorithm
Anonynews- An Anonymous News Server and Client (Linux and Windows)
Updated Sept 2003 Rabid Rabbit- A manic game for those who want to shoot things
Mandelbrot- A Mandelbrot browser for those who want to see interesting pictures
Primes- A program to find prime numbers
Updated Feb 2005 Portscan- A port scanner for anyone who wants to check their server's weak points
Email I use GnuPG for signing and/or encrypting emails. You can get my public key if you want to be sure it's me replying to you.
Security You can read up on ways to exchange keys for RC-Crypt using Diffie-Hellman techniques if you want to make sure they are not intercepted.

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